Sneha Arora

Expertise in Hatha

Sneha started practicing Yoga at an early age to develop her skills, concentration and temperament as a singer, however, as she pursued it formally, the deeper she went, it gave her a larger understanding of self, life and environment and thus it became an integral part of her life and a way of living. Formally trained as a Hatha Yoga teacher in Mumbai & Kerala, she also practiced with elite Yoga Masters from different schools of Yoga.

She is teaching classical Hatha Yoga. Her class is appropriate for students of all levels. The practice begins with Sun salutations, followed by relaxation and then by a series of Yoga postures, with rest in between each posture to allow intense holding of postures for long. The practice is also begun sometimes with Kapalabhati and Anu loma viloma followed by Asanas.Focus is on the correct practice of postures within the limits of one’s own body. The class concludes with relaxation cum meditation on breath and energy centres. The tempo of the class makes it appropriate for beginners, while the emphasis on proper alignment make them challenging enough for experienced practitioners.

Class description:

In the beginner’s class, the sun salutation, and postures are broken down to teach the correct methods of technique and alignment. The class is open to regular students who practice in the All level class as well, as it offers a good opportunity to re visit the basics and improve the practice, and the focus in the class is also on Pranayama. So the beginners class is combined with Pranayama/ Kriya practice.

The All Level class, is usually begun with warm up or shavasan (relaxation), Sun Salutation, Relaxation followed by a sequence of Postures. Even if the class is a mix of students from various backgrounds, beginners or intermediate,or even someone with ailments or any health issues, the class gets divided in a manner where all receive the benefit, as special attention is paid and alterations or variations the practice are taught.

The class ends with a homework of following any concept of Yoga philosophy from Yama, Niyama to any Bhava (Attitude) that one must practice to alter the state of mind and being.

“It all depends on how you look at things and not how they are. Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by individual who can labour freedom. It is never too late to be what you might have been. Thus, man is what his mind is.”

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