Ruchi Kapoor

Expertise in Ashtanga Vinyasa

Ruchi’s journey began three years ago when she decided to give up her career in Fashion to pursue Yoga. She’s an Ashtanga student from K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore and believes that her daily practice has made her strong and fearless to tread on her destined path. Yoga has taught her to live in the present and finds that the journey of yoga is ever elusive and ever gratifying. “It has no finish line, but at the same time, it shows you new developments in your practice every single day”. One can only appreciate these subtle improvements when one develops inner awareness.


Class Definition :

A standard class with Ruchi begins with Suryanamaskars building up heat in the body that slowly burns the toxins away. After which a holistic asana practice is pursued and eventually the class drifts towards relaxation followed by pranayamas and chanting to close the session.


From Rohan Singal : All the best to Ruchi Kapoor, I have found her classes very useful and inspiring. Best part is the way she encourages us to honour the level we are at and move to the next level. Also the way she explains the intricacies of each Asana, what to focus on. The passion with which she conducts the class is also very inspiring. May she bring the best in 1000s of yoga enthusiasts & practitioners across the world.


"Do your practice and all is coming"

- Shri K.Pattabha Jois.

 The true power of the above statement is revealed when you surrender yourself to the discipline of practice.


"Taking the focus within, silencing the mind. The only way to do it is to you show up on the mat, do the Asanas, breathe and stay in the present moment."


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