Lameeya Arsiwala

Expertise in Hatha Vinyasa , Iyengar , Vinyasa Flow

Lameeya has been teaching dynamic vinyasa flow yoga and soft hatha yoga for the past five years. She is greatly inspired by Shiva Rea’s dynamic yoga flow and finds that her practice liberates her from anything seemingly binding in her life, constantly helping her remain in the present.

Lameeya’s  journey started at the St. Kilda Iyengar Yoga School in Melbourne, Australia where for two years she concentrated on a slow-paced, silent and deep practice of Iyengar yoga. For the next four years, she additionally practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa and Vinyasa-Flow with Dominique Salerno (Australian Yoga Academy in Melbourne), Shiva Rea and Elena Brower. 

The first inklings of her desire to teach had started to appear while she was working at an advertising agency. She went on to complete an intensive at the Australian Yoga Academy and a Teacher Training at Radiantly Alive in Ubud, Bali. She had the opportunity to work with teachers Kathy Cooper (Ashtanga Yoga), Chris Chavez (Anusara Yoga) and Edward Clark (Tripsichore Yoga). These approaches further deepened her understanding of breath, body and alignment. Later, on her return to India she studied the traditional and philosophical aspects of yoga in Rishikesh and at the Yoga Institute, Mumbai.  

She has been teaching yoga for the past five years.  To her, the aim of asana and pranayama is to teach oneself to relax. Just as we learn to breathe deeper, let go and relax in our poses on the mat, we can learn to relax, soften and let go off the mat. The focus of her class in to learn to operate in all aspects of life from a place of LOVE -- Starting with loving the body as it is, in every moment and embracing its limitations wholeheartedly. She believes the body responds only if we approach ourselves and our practice from a place of acceptance and self appreciation. The practice is here to take us back to our hearts .... 

Class definition

She starts the class with an intention, theme or ‘yoga nidra’ followed by a slow sustained warm up.  This builds into a strong challenging practice (surya namaskars, standing poses, twists and back bends) at the peak of the class and finally a slow restorative cool down (of seated forwards bends, inversions and pranayama at the end). Pranayana, she believes is one of the most effective of all yogic practices.  Her teaching includes knowledge of chakras, Qi yoga and is at times influenced by the Five Tibetan Rites. Immersing herself in teaching has given her the opportunity to integrate her yoga practice into daily life.

"Pranayama can bring humans to a steady state of equilibrium mentally, and has transformed my life for the better. "

Remember the emphasis on the heart. The mind lives in doubt and heart lives in trust. When you trust, suddenly you become centred.
- Osho

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