At The Yoga House, we constantly aspire to bring to you conscious living through yoga, food and lifestyle, and Varanasi holds a significant milestone to enhance our offering to you:

  • The Yoga House café prepares all food with love and you can enjoy healthy and hygienic meals through the week.
  • You will also have accesses to yoga classes and knowledge from teachers both Indian and Western who have been travelling on the path of yoga and yogic philosophy for years.
  • Our boutique sits only 200 mtrs from the Ganges, done in a humble ashram-style for you to immerse yourself in an all round experience of yoga, conscious living and spirituality.

Varanasi (originally known as Kashi) has been the ultimate pilgrimage destination for Hindus for ages and is considered to be the oldest living city in the world. According to mythology, Kashi was the abode of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

The holy river Ganges is said to have had its origins from the tresses of Lord Shiva and in Varanasi the Ganges expands into the mighty river we know it to be. This has lead to an immense emphasis on ‘Ganga aarti’(worship) for centuries practiced during sunrise and sunset. This experience is one of a kind and one highly recommended to all visitors of Varanasi. Our open airy yoga shala (studio) overlooks the mighty Gangesand one can effortlessly and comfortably bask in the powerful energies of the Gangaas one does their yoga and meditation practices.

Varanasi has been considered a to be a heart of learning for over 3000 years. Sarnath, just 10 km from Varanasi is known as the place where Buddha preached for the first time after attaining enlightenment. Tulsi Das, (a famous saint- poet) who offered the Ram Charit Manas and Ravi Shankar (internationally renowned sitar maestro) and only some of the many cultural gurus who spent a large amount of their lives in this blessed city. The lanes and ghats of Varanasi are of full of legends and luminaries, whose footprints can be traced in different parts of the city. For centuries, Varanasi has held the significance of being the hub for knowledge, philosophy culture, devotion, spirituality, yoga and Ayurveda.

  • Short term stay- 1 night package/ 3N 4D package & 3N 4D package with yoga 
  • Long term stay - 10 D to 2 weeks package
  • Retreats - 3N 4D retreat details
  • Renting for teacher trainings - TBC
  • Are you are teacher ? / Yoga Exchange Programs for teachers - 1 week teachers package and 1 month teachers package 

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