Anahata Retreat 2018

Retreat 9th Mar 2018 - 12th Feb 2018 | by Lamya Arsiwala & Payal Khanwani

Right upon the ashwem beach sits the cosy and inviting Anahata Retreat resort. Comprising of stand-alone cottages, this quaint and beautiful property is just the place for you to clock in some introspective time. Charmed by views of the ocean and the rustle of palms trees Lamya and Payal offer you the experience of yoga and meditation classes in an outdoor open shala and Vinita shows you how to make simple changes to adopt plant-based diet in your regular life! This is an ideal opportunity to immerse yourselves into a natural yet comfortable environment and watch magic unfold!

Price includes everything except flights


call 9820184584 for details and sign ups 

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