Past Events/Retreats

Winter Yoga & Wild Life Retreat

Retreat 1st Dec 2017 - 5th Dec 2017 | by Lamya Arsiwala & Aparajita Jamwal

Poster for workshop Winter Yoga & Wild Life Retreat

Come away with these two yoginis into Pench National Park to experience silence, practice your yoga and discover your deepest connection to the Self and all living things.

Yoga. Meditation. Safaris. Nature walks. Bonfires and more!

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18th Nov 2017 | by Achal Mehra

Poster for workshop Backbends

Backbends aren't called heart openers for nothing. Other tha toning, lengthening and increasing the blood flow around the spine and diapraghm, these poses stimulate the heart chakra, leaving us at place of openness or vulnerability. A perfect antidote to our desk lifestyles, backbends teach you to open all along the spine, its important to find length from upper back in order to protect the lower back.

Come, join Achal from Fear to Love this Saturday 4.00-5.30 pm :)

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Arm Balance

4th Nov 2017 | by Namrata Sudhindra

Poster for workshop Arm Balance

Whether this is your first workshop or you are well versed in the art of arm balance, brace yourself as we delve into alignment, incorporate precise techniques and hold a safe space to create a solid foundation for standing on your hands. Get ready to leave your nest, spread your wings and FLY with Namrata Sudhindhra Saturday 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm. Call on 022 655 45001 to book your spot.

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24th Aug 2016 | by Chandnee

If you find that Backbends have been a challenge in your practice, this Wednesday we have an all Backbends Workshop ! Come open your heart to new experiences and body to new postures :) Class ends with a relaxing yoga nidra (added bonus)

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Kirtan, Devotional Evening

26th Apr 2015

Kirtan 26 April poster

The teachers of The Yoga House invite you to experience an evening of joy, music and devotion.

We will close with a guided meditation 

Bring your friends and instruments along 

Free and open to all. 

The Yoga House 
Nargis Villa, Sherly Rajan Road, BANDRA WEST 

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